Terminal Server Exceeded Connections

Since I do most of my work remotely, I use the Remote Desktop feature of Windows often. I have at least 10 different machines and often time people are using the same machines and forget to log out. What results is the common message: “The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections”. The work around for this is pretty simple.

Open a command prompt as the domain administrator that the remote machine is set to

Next query the current sessions for the remote machine.

Now with the information, you can use the reset command to log off that user with the command below.

This will reset the session and now you can log in again.

SSRS Switch Statement

The above statement is an example on how to use the ‘Switch’ statement in SQL Server Reporting Services. This example checks the ‘Orders’ value in a row and if the value is less than 100, displays “Red”. If the value is greater than 100, then display “Green”